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Posted by G-Zero Guest - 07-30-2019 09:24 PM
Did anyone ever come to a conclusion wtf this is? head It is not real to most it is a alien ship to others it is a huge planet that wiped out life on Earth before? wtf? head
Posted by G-Zero Guest - 07-11-2019 03:48 AM
is this new information? I thought we decided it was a pipe dream? it should wipe us out. for good measure
Posted by IJD - 07-06-2019 06:42 PM
[Image: tumblr_m22uuvoac81r2kjx1.gif]
Posted by G-Zero Guest - 07-06-2019 06:42 PM
On February 20, 2019, NASA's official network service reports a gamma-ray burst registered by a satellite in near-earth orbit: For those who are always in doubt (which is, by and large, correct) we provide a link to the official picture with the official address in address bar. NASA satellites like Swift and Fermi are actually military satellites that the Pentagon has been launching since about 1960. Usually, the lenses of these devices are directed to Earth and register unauthorized nuclear explosions, which from time to time were secretly carried out by everyone in the United States, the USSR and China.

Over time, the superpowers agreed with the explosions and the satellites now seem to be looking exclusively at the sky, registering gamma-ray bursts coming from black holes and neutron stars wandering through the Galaxy. Probably, this time NASA will also compose something about distant star wanderers. However, we believe that these wanderers are not so far. To begin, let us recall our recent material Nibiru live! THREE acting webcams that caused real hysterics among people proving that “there is no Nibiru.” Meanwhile, enthusiasts have found THREE webcams, where an incomprehensible black spot still hangs in the sky.

To date, these webcam added more, at least about twenty. In particular, right now a dark sphere in the sky can be observed in Stockholm and in Florida: Thus, we see that at least two dozen web-kos show a kind of round black spot in the sky. Many argue that this is a spot on the lens. However, when clouds get into the frame, they are perfectly visible, while the dark area is behind the clouds. That is, it is not a lens.

The second explanation of what is happening can be some kind of glitch of the camera itself, which may well be. But the glitch immediately on 20 cameras, and the glitch is the same? There are no such artifacts. The most logical in this situation would be to assume that the cameras see some object, which gives such an effect of the “black round spot”. But what is this object? If this is hypothetical Nibiru, then its position should shift with the movement of the Sun (provided that the Earth is not a space farm under the dome, but a planet flying around the Sun). But the displacement of the position of the spots does not occur. Moreover, the spots sometimes appear and disappear. How to explain it?
For an explanation, let's turn to the official NASA film. where multipliers show the gamma flare registration process. As you can see from this beautiful cartoon, gamma flashes appear here and there and create the illusion of travel against the background of the galaxy. However, due to the remoteness of these objects, ordinary flash optics do not register. But what will happen if a neutron star enters the solar system or passes from it at an insignificant distance by cosmic standards?

In this case, this will be what some webcams are showing today. The neutron star does not emit gamma radiation all the time, it is fired as if by short pulses. And if the star is close enough, this gamma-ray burst can easily damage the rather sensitive matrix of the camera, which will begin to show a black spot. At the same time, the black spot will not move with the Sun, repeating the movement of the Earth - on the contrary, it will be permanent, remembering the position of the object that released the gamma rays.

Perhaps someone will not like this explanation and they will start arguing that there is no neutron star. However, was NASA's gamma activity report all seen? And now we look at what happened at that moment with the Piton de la Fournaise volcano (Mascarene Islands). It turns out that on February 18th he sharply increased the eruption: The link between cosmic gamma emissions and seismic / volcanic activity was established statistically long ago, so it is not surprising that two volcanoes immediately began an eruption on the same day.

All of this suggests that the source of the gamma-emissions disturbing the Earth is relatively close, and most likely in the near future we will visually observe some of the satellites of the mysterious object, since no one will see the neutron star itself - its diameter should be about 20 kilometers But despite such dimensions, its mass is comparable to the mass of the Sun, therefore, everyone will soon feel its approach. So - follow the developments.

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