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Posted by G-Zero Guest - 07-13-2019 01:21 PM
well we won't be told how bad it is.
Posted by (I) Bot - 07-12-2019 01:34 AM
Posted by G-Zero Guest - 06-11-2019 03:20 PM
Watch video: Man saves crying, week-old fawn from floodwaters
Posted by more food doom - 05-28-2019 03:24 AM
Crop-tastrophe In The Midwest – Latest USDA Progress Report Signals Nightmare Scenario .. The last 12 months have been the wettest in all of U.S. history, and this has created absolutely horrific conditions for U.S. farmers. Thanks to endless rain and historic flooding that has stretched on for months, many farmers have not been able to plant crops at all, and a lot of the crops that have actually been planted are deeply struggling. ..
Posted by Reese~ - 05-02-2019 02:23 AM
Posted by Reese~ - 05-02-2019 02:22 AM
Posted by Reese~ - 05-02-2019 02:21 AM
Posted by Reese~ - 05-02-2019 02:20 AM
Posted by Reese~ - 05-02-2019 02:19 AM
Douglas County: 50% done with repairs on flood-damaged roads, waiting on Q Street inspection
Posted by G-Zero Guest - 04-30-2019 04:55 AM
The Flood Advisory continues for The Missouri River At Omaha. * Until Thursday evening. * At 10:00 AM Monday the stage was 27.1 feet. * Flood stage is 29.0 feet. * Forecast...River levels will slowly fall through early May.
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