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Posted by G-Zero Guest - 09-22-2018 12:16 AM
…………… ass
Posted by G-Zero Guest - 09-21-2018 03:55 AM
Posted by Fred - 09-20-2018 09:36 PM
New Mexico Observatory Closure Stemmed from FBI Child porn Probe

ffs …. The mysterious 11-day closure of a New Mexico solar observatory stemmed from an FBI investigation of a janitor suspected of using the facility’s wireless internet service to send and receive child pornography, federal court documents showed on Wednesday.
Posted by (I) Bot - 09-17-2018 02:15 AM
Posted by UGH - 09-15-2018 01:34 AM
Scientists at America’s National Solar Observatory are now believed to be hiding underground
Posted by G-Zero Guest - 09-15-2018 01:31 AM
Posted by (I) Bot - 09-15-2018 01:26 AM
Drone footage of Sunspot Observatory Ghost Town from yesterday
Posted by DREAD - 09-15-2018 12:34 AM
Space observatory at centre of alien conspiracy asks for ‘patience’ after evacuation by the FBI …. Solar facility was swooped on by FBI in helicopters who evacuated it – and nothing has been heard since

Posted by G-Zero Guest - 09-14-2018 12:20 AM
dp ………...
Posted by IJD - 09-11-2018 02:51 PM
[Image: tumblr_m22uuvoac81r2kjx1.gif]
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