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Posted by updated? really? - 02-22-2019 01:48 AM
ass lol
Posted by pinky69 - 02-08-2019 04:11 AM
10 Significant Earthquakes Rock The California Coastline ..

Meanwhile, scientists are alarmed by the drama that continues to unfold at Mount St. Helens.
Most Americans think that it no longer poses an imminent threat, but the truth is that the area around the volcano has been very active in recent years…
Posted by (I) Bot - 10-11-2018 08:48 PM
Posted by (I) Bot - 10-11-2018 08:46 PM
Posted by (I) Bot - 09-21-2018 03:26 AM
Earth "is breaking up": Over 20 powerful quakes within 48 hours - HAARP plasma bombs?

Two major quakes have occurred along the Pacific Ring of Fire in recent days: once again on the island of Lombok, also near a Fiji island with a magnitude of 8.2, and this morning a 6.4 near Alaska.
The Earth's crust seems to be in a state of flux at the moment. Especially the geologically very active Pacific Ring of Fire....
Posted by G-Zero Guest - 09-14-2018 12:29 AM
Posted by G-Zero Guest - 09-13-2018 09:34 PM
Watch Out California! 53 Major Earthquakes (Including A Magnitude 8.2) Just Hit The Ring Of Fire Within A 24 Hour Period

It certainly is not unusual to see earthquakes happen along the Ring of Fire, but what was unusual about the activity on Sunday was the size of the earthquakes.
The largest quake on Sunday was a massive magnitude 8.2 earthquake that could have done an enormous amount of damage if it had been closer to the surface…
Posted by (I) Bot - 09-13-2018 09:32 PM
Over The Last 7 Days Our Planet Has Been Violently Shaken By 144 Major Earthquakes

A major earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck the northern coast of Venezuela on Tuesday and shook buildings as far away as the capital, Caracas, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
The quake was centered near the town of Carupano, an area of poor fishing communities and was felt as far away as neighboring Colombia to the east and nearby island nations like Trinidad and Tobago, and St. Lucia, to the west and north.
Posted by (I) Bot - 01-26-2018 01:45 AM

The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Continues Unabated, And Will Do So Forever !
Posted by (I) Bot - 01-26-2018 01:33 AM
Tsunami warnings canceled after magnitude-7.9 earthquake off Alaska
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