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Posted by G-Zero Guest - 09-06-2019 09:24 PM
Posted by Draco - 12-13-2018 01:03 AM

Fukushima 4 Meltdowns Will Kill Entire Pacific Ocean
Posted by G-Zero Guest - 10-11-2018 09:19 PM
Posted by Coolio - 03-22-2015 09:07 PM
(03-21-2015 01:03 AM)pht Wrote:  What do you mean? Cool

Lady Lara said in 2011 the Pacific ocean would be dead in 5 years.... Blush
Posted by Coolio - 03-22-2015 09:05 PM
Posted by pht - 03-21-2015 01:03 AM
What do you mean? Cool
Posted by reader - 03-21-2015 01:01 AM
Lady Lara said this pretty much somewhere a few years back, i thought? It is very sad to see it come about! cry
Posted by LeeAnne - 03-20-2015 01:20 AM
Posted by G-Zero Guest - 03-18-2015 01:14 AM
In 5 more years it will undeniable.
Posted by not so happy - 03-16-2015 01:27 AM
.. been sick lately! Hope you all are ok! heartflowers
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